Blokada Insiders

With the growing popularity of Blokada, I’m getting more and more questions about how can one help the project. Well, there is a lot of things to do with every single release! If you are enjoying Blokada and wish for its continued development, you can make a big difference by joining Blokada Insiders.

Blokada Insiders is a welcoming group of people giving a bit of their time to help Blokada grow and improve. We do various tasks which don’t take much time, but together make a huge difference. Each of us take a specific role, like Community Manager, Columnist, YouTuber, Adopter, Promoter, Translator, etc. Each role defines things to take care of.

How to join us? It’s very simple:

  • Check Insider roles (the ones marked with orange Help Wanted are up for taking) and decide what would you like to do. Click any of the roles to see a detailed description. Each role has its perks!
  • Check Creators board if you’re thinking about one of the creator roles, to get an overview of which things we currently need.
  • Join our chat and mention that you would like to join the insiders.

That’s it! Join the community, support Blokada, and have fun with us!

Blokada is an open source project. There is no financial reward or cost involved with participation. You are free to resign anytime, we only ask you to let us know once you decide to do so.

Blokada v3 is out!

Blokada v3 is now released and I’m gradually rolling out the update to all users. If you haven’t received it yet, stay tuned, or just go the download section.

This release is introducing a lot of changes and improvements, and you’ll see all of them described in detail in next several posts. Meanwhile, here are the highlights:

  • Improved “Keep Alive” feature. This is addressing the problem of Blokada being killed by the OS too often on some devices.
  • Improved “Start of Boot” feature. Now Blokada starts earlier in boot and is more dependable.
  • Introduced HTTPS to Blokada API and website to improve security and prevent MITM attacks.
  • Introduced Blokada Chat. You are welcome to join us on Telegram!
  • Introduced Blokada Patron. This feature aims to help supporting the project and at the same time reward contributions and active members of the community.
  • Introduce “Chip In”, a periodic Call to Action mechanism to engage the userbase and help make community decisions. As a first order of business, the Blokada community is having a vote to express their opinion on Blokada branding.
  • Simplified and refreshed UI to eliminate confusing bits, keep the codebase nimble and decrease apk size.
  • Simplified translating Blokada by decreasing the overall amount of strings, eliminating use of plural strings and keeping the core phrases set small.
  • Fixed several significant bugs, for example with the whitelist.

A detailed changelog is always available at

Thanks to the great team of Blokada translators, Blokada v3 is translated to 15 languages from the start. I can’t emphasize enough how awesome it is, especially because it was done on a really short notice.

Please note that some non-essential bits are still to be translated and you’ll see more complete translations in coming days.

Blokada ad blocker now also available in Italian and Malay

The awesome members of the Blokada community just contributed new translations! As of v2.2, Blokada adblocker is now available in two more languages: Italian and Malay. A thank you goes to:

  • Italian: htrex
  • Malay: Syed

This makes Blokada ad blocker speak 10 languages in total! Just a month after I’ve introduced translations support. What’s more, Hebrew and Persian are already in the pipeline (I need some more testing for those since they’re first RTL languages to be supported by Blokada). This is seriously impressive.

Great job everyone!

Your language missing? I’ve made contributing translations as easy as possible. Go here to help.

How to use quick whitelist actions in Blokada ad blocker

Blokada 2.2 added a very useful quick actions menu to help you efficiently manage your whitelist. You can easily whitelist and un-whitelist all installed or system apps with one tap. You can also restore your filters to default configuration in case you messed it up too much. Note that it also resets the blacklist.

Here is a video that demonstrates the quick actions menu available in the Whitelist section.

Keep in mind a few things while using this feature in it’s early release:

  • Not every app will immediately act properly after being whitelisted. In some rare cases you may need to kill and restart that app.
  • App whitelisting is only supported by the optimised blocking mechanism (at least in 2.1). If you are using standard blocking, you’ll see a message telling you app whitelisting is ignored.
  • Your comments on already existing items will disappear if you re-add them using quick actions.


How to whitelist apps in Blokada

Blokada 2.1 introduced a long-awaited app whitelisting feature. This is very useful for dealing with apps that do not work correctly with ad blocking. Some apps, like Google Play Store or GMail are whitelisted out of the box. As always, you have full control how Blokada ad blocker works, so you can easily add and delete whitelisted apps.

Here is a video that demonstrates app whitelisting with XDA Labs app, which used to have problems with downloading apps if Blokada was on. Not anymore!

To add an app, go to the whitelist section, tap the add button, and simply start typing either app’s name or package name (application ID). Blokada will show you suggestions as you type. Once you select and confirm the app, it’ll show up in the whitelist. Blokada will also reactivate itself since it’s required for the changes to take effect.

Keep in mind a few things while using this feature in it’s early release:

  • Not every app will immediately act properly after being whitelisted. In some rare cases you may need to kill and restart that app.
  • App whitelisting is only supported by the optimised blocking mechanism (at least in 2.1). If you are using standard blocking, you’ll see a message telling you app whitelisting is ignored.
  • Some apps will be whitelisted by default if you just installed Blokada. In case you’re updating from earlier version, they may not show up, in order to not mess with your custom filters you may have added. Simply add any apps you want to whitelist as you go. Alternatively, if you really want to have the “factory” filters configuration, simply delete all of them (both from the whitelist and the blacklist), then restart Blokada. The defaults will show up.


Blokada v2.0.4 released

Two weeks after Blokada v2.0 was released, and 4 iterations later, the new and shiny Blokada v2.0.4 is the most stable release to date!

I’ll be pushing updates to existing users incrementally over the coming days. You’ll receive a notification as usual. If you don’t want to wait, just use the download links on the website. Just remember to download proper version (if you have Android 4, use the secondary link).

The 2.0.4 update is a maintenance release, so there’s not much to brag about feature wise, but I’m proud of how stable it is for me so far. I hope your experience is going to be the same! Please report back if you get any problems.

A quick summary of changes:

  • Rework app connectivity / boot / startup behavior for significantly higher reliability
  • Introduce “Online only” switch to let users control Blokada behavior on connectivity changes
  • Add Malay translations (and improve Dutch and German integration)
  • Minor bugfixes


A state of Blokada v2.0

It’s been a week since Blokada ad blocker is open sourced and available for free. Here is a short summary of the improvements introduced between versions 2.0 and 2.0.2.

I got great feedback from the XDA folks as usual, and I’ve been addressing reported problems as they come. The biggest issue was the stability around imminent network connectivity changes. Apparently, connectivity state events sent by the OS cannot always be trusted, so I introduced some mechanisms (including a watchdog) to make Blokada more aware of the actual state, while not killing the battery. I fixed a bunch of bugs on the way too, so v2.0.2 should really be more snappy.

There was also a problem with dropping filters (hosts count 0), and in result, not blocking any ads, which I also addressed.

In the meantime, we’ve got full German and Dutch translations, so I’m releasing them as well :).

so, after we let the new version sink in and confirm it’s stable, the long-awaited app whitelisting feature is next on the todo list :)


Blokada speaks German and Dutch too

Thanks to the support of some amazing people, Blokada is now available in two more languages: German and Dutch. They’re out with v2.0.2. A thank you goes to:

  • German: beatschubser, andre.mondri
  • Dutch: Arjan, Samir Boulema

Great job!

Your language missing? I’ve made contributing translations as easy as possible. Go here to help.

Blokada v2.0 is out!

Yes, Blokada v2.0 is out! With the source in the open! :D

This is a very important release for several reasons:

  • Blokada is an open source project now. This has a lot of consequences - you can read about them here!
  • Translations are supported, and v2.0 comes with 6 languages straight out of the box! Expect more in future releases (we have German and Dutch in the pipeline). You can also help translating the app to your language!
  • Code has been heavily refactored for better reliability, less battery use, easier contributions and future development.

Note that despite you won’t see many changes on the outside, the majority of the codebase is rewritten, and this is the first release with the new code. So, some growing pains are expected, which I will be fixing as we discover them. That said, unless you like living on the edge, you may wanna stay out of 2.0 for some time ;)

A bit more detailed changelog for v2.0:

  • Blokada now speaks Spanish, Portuguese, French, Polish and Czech!
  • Significant rewrite for better stability
  • Fixed Blokada turning itself off and never on again
  • Improved Start on Boot
  • Optimized code to improve battery life
  • A lot of work done for easier contributions
  • Bufixes

Why is Blokada open source?

Starting with v2.0, Blokada is an open source project.

Why I think it’s the best approach for developing an ad blocker, and what does it mean for the future of Blokada and its users? Read on :)

So, why?

Well, there’re many reasons. So far I have dedicated several months of my time to the development of this app. My plans towards Blokada weren’t (and aren’t!) limited to it being “just” an ad blocker, but I wanted to limit its initial functionality so that I can see, in reasonable time, if this app may gain enough traction. So, I focused on making it the best ad blocker for Android. Today, Blokada has a really decent userbase, with no promotion efforts whatsoever, and more importantly, you seem to genuinely like it!

So now, we are finally getting to a point where the basic functionality is stable, the app is actually useful (I run it all the time!), the battery impact is absolutely acceptable (or better), and Android fragmentation doesn’t cause too many problems (well, supporting Android 4 is a real PITA, but…).

Now we can do the cool stuff!

You guys are absolutely awesome, and the feedback forum is full of really great ideas! I can’t wait to implement all of them. However, I’m unable to do this amount of work all by myself in a reasonable amount of time. I believe that together we can bring all those awesome ideas to life! I’m putting a lot of effort to make contributing code as easy as possible. If you’re a coder, get in touch! For sure there’s something cool you can implement, and put a big smile on everyone’s face :D

You don’t have to trust me (or anyone)

One important benefit of open sourcing Blokada is that now, you can be sure it’s safe to use. I was getting quite a few requests from people asking about the source code. I totally understand that. Blokada has to be installed outside of Google Play, so it’s hard to trust it. Well, the good news is, now you don’t need to trust it! The source code is out there for anyone to check. You can even build it yourself.

You should be really cautious trusting any ad-blocker app that is not open source. Technically, they can read your sensitive data, in particular if they install a custom root CA on your device. Be very careful!

Now Blokada is supported by its community (and by you!)

You can already see the benefits of the involved community in the fact, that Blokada v2.0 comes in six languages! It took less than a day since I implemented the translation system to get the first translations. I believe that my role will gradually shift to enabling and helping the community to make meaningful contributions which will lead to a rapid development of this app.

One thing is certain, a lot of cool stuff is yet to come! :)