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You are impatiently waiting for the download page to load, after all it’s the file you were waiting for all day.
Those evil, pesky, flashy popups “There are 13 singles within 12 miles. Click to chat.”
Finally download page loads. Hurray 👏👏
Now the only thing separating you from your file is the download link among 20 other “Download/Download Now/Generate Download Link”.
Now you need to make a choice that will decide your fate.
Suspense builds up.
You make a decision you tap ‘download’ among several other download links.
It was a trap, it’s an ad. Now get ready for the doom.
You close 17 tabs opened after clicking the ad and (try to) get back to download page.
Well the page has redirected to with beeps and vibration.

Mission Failed ☠☠☠

Jokes apart, this is your regular battle with these annoyances that you encounter every day on webpages.
Don’t even get me started on those video ads on apps.
“I hate these” you hopelessly grunt every time you see them but you encounter them in almost every app or webpage you visit.
It’s not the first time but it can be the last if you use an ad-blocker.

An adblocker is a silent guardian that takes care of ads and a watchful protector against malicious pages.
With Blokada as your Batman you won’t ever be deprived of calm and peaceful webpages.
Blokada fights for you (not literally, street fight is not good for your face) against ads and you reclaim your right to clean and secure webpage.

You can use adblock browsers while browsing, but they block just while browsing, what about the ads in other apps.
Remember the video and banner ads in apps, What else could be used then ?
Well, Blokada is again at your rescue.

“Blokada efficiently blocks ads, tracking and malware. It saves your data plan, makes your device faster and protects your privacy. It’s fast, simple, free, open source and secure.”

Yes, you read it right. Fast, simple, free & secure, all compliments for one app. Rare but true. Blokada is lightweight, less than 5MB in size.
Each update makes the app faster and more efficient in removing ads. Along with speed and efficiency you get what very few apps can offer, low battery consumption and lesser RAM usage.
It’s stays silently in the corner and optimizes your internet experience.

We recently asked our users the best thing they liked about Blokada. The best things about Blokada according to users were simplicity, effectiveness, easy on battery and RAM, reliability and being open source.

Tighten your seatbelts we are about to get deep into few of the many loved features of our favorite Blokada.

1. System wide blocking without root:

Yes, you heard it right. You don’t need to root your device to block ads anymore.

What comes to mind when you hear system wide ad blocking, rooting and changing system level host files. I know rooting has its perks but is it as easy as it sounds?
Nope, you have to unlock your bootloader (I feel your pain Xiaomi and Huawei users) and then root it painstakingly using different methods with a fear of bricking your device.
If and only if you succeed, good news awaits,“Your warranty is now void. Your device is now less secure.” Now proceed to modify system level files.

All these troubles just to get rid of these nuances. It would be quite unfair, isn’t it?
Saving you from all such troubles Blokada does not need root and instead creates a local VPN to filter out all ads requests and you get your adfree experience.
Blokada provides system wide ad blocking using local VPN. All data remains in your phone, none leave it.
Now you won’t have to void your warranty to use an adblocker. > Note: Due to Android limitation more than 1 VPN can’t be used for a single user simultaneously. Therefore Blokada won’t run with your VPN.

2. Free and Open Source:

Blokada is open source, you can inspect, modify or enhance the source code. Due to this it’s transparent and secure. You no longer have to worry about trusting the developer, whenever you wish you can head over to GitHub - Blokada and inspect the code yourself to your satisfaction.
Blokada is free, all due to the donations of users and the community that support it.

3. Ease of use & Reliability:

Blokada is simple and reliable. You don’t need to be a geek to use it. You don’t even need to configure anything. It comes ready to use out of the box.
Just Install, open it tap the power icon and you are good to go. It’s as simple as it sounds. Although first time it would ask permission to set up VPN.
No crazy and complicated setups, just simple ad blocking.
By default you get loads of ad blocking host lists and DNS to choose from.
You can see the live blocked ads from notification.
If your device kills Blokada in background you can turn on ‘Keep Alive’. You can also turn on ‘Start on Boot’ and Blokada would keep on working even after you reboot your device.

Tip: You can turn on ‘Keep Alive’ and ‘Start on Boot’ and forget about Blokada. It will keep on working in the background.

Blokada consumes so little battery and RAM that you won’t even notice its effect on your phone performance.

4. Stability:

What good is an adblocker if it stops working midway. Other than the need of efficiently blocking ads, stability is the most important requirement.
Each and every release is extensively tested by Blokada Insider community before being released publicly.
Rigorous checks and tests are carried out on different available devices before it gets to you. So you can stay assured that the app you are using is not going to let you down anytime.

5. Support:

Although it’s not a feature of the app but it’s a thing worth mentioning, Blokada has a large community of supporters and volunteers that are always ready to help you with any problem that you face.
It is one of the most liked aspect of our users.
Apart from dev, there are community managers on different platforms that are working hard to help you. Community managers are from all over the world (different time zones), due to this I can dare to say that all queries/issues will be entertained 24 hours a day.
Drop a problem or query on Facebook or Telegram and experience the support that Blokada provides.

I also have a message from rpeter from our Insider Community to share, “Give it a try. Experience it, and you’ll stay with us.”

I could go on and on about how awesome the app or community is, but that will be someday next time.

See you folks till then.
K. Sunny

Want to help Blokada grow.

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