Blokada Insiders

With the growing popularity of Blokada, I’m getting more and more questions about how can one help the project. Well, there is a lot of things to do with every single release! If you are enjoying Blokada and wish for its continued development, you can make a big difference by joining Blokada Insiders.

Blokada Insiders is a welcoming group of people giving a bit of their time to help Blokada grow and improve. We do various tasks which don’t take much time, but together make a huge difference. Each of us take a specific role, like Community Manager, Columnist, YouTuber, Adopter, Promoter, Translator, etc. Each role defines things to take care of.

How to join us? It’s very simple:

That’s it! Join the community, support Blokada, and have fun with us!

Blokada is an open source project. There is no financial reward or cost involved with participation. You are free to resign anytime, we only ask you to let us know once you decide to do so.

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