VPN vote results

For the last month I’ve been running a survey about the possibility of adding VPN service into Blokada. The idea is that introducing independently from the existing ad blocking and DNS changing functionality will allow to support the project development long term. The survey was designed to help me understand what you think about this idea and how would you like it to work.

As usual, I could count on your participation. With 896 responses the survey turned out to be very useful for making decisions. Over 78% of you answered you’d use Blokada VPN, which I think is very promising result. Among those, 43% declared to only be interested in a free tier. It means that 44% of all voters is interested in a paid service, which is a very good sign for supporting the development of Blokada in the future.

VPN vote 1

As to top features you’d like to see in Blokada VPN, first five are: high speed, strong encryption, servers in many locations around the world, no logs, and support for multiple platforms. It’s a bit surprising to see strong encryption so often requested, and it highlights the fact that Blokada users are quite tech savvy and concerned about privacy.

Among the ones who said no, roughly 39% is happy with their current VPN provider, and 37% do not want to use any VPN anymore. Only 16% said to not trust Blokada enough to use its VPN service. The rest of responders provider more specific answers, mostly stating a lifetime subscription of existing VPN service, or a worry about Blokada becoming too bloated. The last one is an unnecessary worry though, since if the VPN service gets introduced in the future, it’ll be fully optional, and you’ll be able to use Blokada exactly as today, for free.

Again, thank you for so active participation in another general voting of our community. I already prepared a new survey, and it’s available in the app. This time it’s simply about which features would you like to see implemented in Blokada the soonest.

PS, did you know you can join Blokada Insiders and help run the project? For example, you can be managing the voting like this one. It’s totally free and doesn’t take much time. You are welcome to join us!

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