Translating Blokada

Thank you for considering translating Blokada!

Blokada has a convenient translation system in place that is meant to make your job easier. You can find it at:


Once you click the link, you’ll see a list of languages Blokada is being translated to. Click on the language you speak in order to see which phrases are translated, and which are missing or need improvement. Then click the “Sign up to help translate” button. Once you are logged in, go ahead and click the link above again to navigate to the translator’s dashboard.

The system has many features to make translating process as convenient as possible. We’ve added comments and screenshots to many phrases, so that you can understand the context of where and how given phrase is used. You can use filters and sorting to quickly navigate to phrases that need translating. And don’t worry that you’ll break something - in case your translation looks too different from the original (in terms of length or formatting), the system will warn you. Plus, we can always revert any change 😉

Last but not least, there’s a built-in comment system you can use to ask questions about any phrase that is unclear to you. And as always, feel free to send a line to [email protected] in case you need any help.

Do I need to translate everything?

No. There are three groups of phrases, each with different priority:

In the translation system, you will see a button called “Tasks” in the sidebar on the left. Use it to select one of the priority groups described above.

What if my language is not listed?

Just let us know, and we’ll add a new language to the list.

When will my work show up in the app?

We pull newest translations when preparing a new release. Some patch releases (the ones with 3 digits in version name, ie. 2.0.x) may not get any new translations, but they’ll get released eventually.

Your translation sucks!

Easy there cowboy! This is a community effort, so some phrases may be suboptimal. If you see anything you could improve, even just one sentence, go ahead and improve it! Everyone will greatly appreciate your contribution.

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